Using Simply In Your Hiring Process

A basic guide how to use Simply as part of your hiring process
Written by Oliver Fehr
Updated 2 years ago

Simply is a values based hiring platform which should be used in the early stages of your hiring process.

We recommend the following approach to get the most out of using Simply.

1) Create a job posting for each hire setting the specifications of the required candidate(s) based on the role.

2) If you are advertising your job on a job board that supports links for applications publish the shareable questionnaire link obtainable on the Job Posting view in Simply via the 'Invite Candidates' modal.

This will ensure candidates interested in your job land directly on the Simply questionnaire where their details and resume if required will be captured.

If you advertising your job posting on a job board that does not supports links or some other platform then you will be required to email the shareable questionnaire link to each candidate once they have expressed their interest in the job posting.

3) Once you have completed running the job application period stop the job posting from receiving more applications via the 'Edit Job Posting' button on the Job Posting view in Simply.

4) You can now begin conducting your interviews working down the list of candidate's that most closely match the values specified in your job posting.

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